Wednesday, June 2, 2010

barbecue venison sausage pizza

Once upon a time (last night), I had a brick of frozen venison sausage, and a craving for pizza. This was the result:

Yep. Venison sausage. My dad and all my uncles are hunters, so I grew up eating venison and I love it. This batch came from a family friend and is pretty mild. It takes almost no time to cook because it has very little fat added to it.

For the pizza, I cheated and used packaged crust mix (I know, it's really no less work than just making my own, but I didn't feel like it). I used barbecue sauce instead of pizza sauce, extra-sharp cheddar cheese, vidalia onion and baby portabella mushrooms. It came out pretty good, though I think next time I might try blue cheese rather than cheddar.