Tuesday, January 24, 2012

stuffed pork loin

My local grocery store had enormous pork loins on sale for $2 a pound last weekend. I couldn't NOT buy one, at that price. The one I got was around 7.5 pounds. I cut into thirds - one third, I then cut into thick boneless chops, the second third I left whole for future roasting, and the last third got made into this:

I made two cuts in the roast to open it up to a long, flat piece. The filling is a mixture of cob-smoked bacon, green onion, mushrooms, chevre, feta, and baby spinach. I cooked the stuffing all together and then spread it over the meat. I rolled the meat up, tied it with kitchen twine in a few places, then rubbed the outside of the roast with some Irish stout mustard (which is grainy and pretty sweet but also has a nice heat to it) and some grated garlic. It was over a week ago now, so I don't remember what temperature I cooked it at or for how long...helpful, I KNOW! But suffice it to say that it came out pretty tasty. The only complaint I had was that for some reason the bottom-most layer of the roast really dried out. None of the rest of it did...just the very bottom layer that was in contact with the pan while it baked.