Thursday, July 29, 2010

(mostly) grilled supper

Tonight, in celebration of being gifted with a second-hand gas grill, I made dinner almost entirely ON the grill. Woo!! :D

From left to right, we have sauteed kale (not done on the grill, clearly), pocket potatoes, and turkey kielbasa.

For the kale, I simply chopped up half an onion and sauteed it in olive oil, ripped up a whole bunch of kale, threw it in the ripping-hot pan (be careful...wet greens + hot oil = crackling popping hotness), turned the heat down to medium-low, added a cup of water and put a cover on it. I let it cook down, stirring every few minutes till tender. When the greens were tender, I doused it with a fair amount of red wine vinegar and a pinch of salt.

The pocket potatoes were an idea I got from a friend on a message board. I took 6 small red potatoes, sliced them, added some chopped onion and sliced garlic cloves, and tossed with salt, pepper, parsley and olive oil. I portioned the mixture out on two sheets of tin foil and crimped the edges to seal. These went on the hot grill for about 10 minutes, then flipped and cooked another 10 minutes. I opened the packets and dumped them into a serving bowl. Some of the onion and garlic stuck to the foil a little, but otherwise it worked great.

The turkey kielbasa was just split and grilled for about 3 minutes per side.

Everything was yummy and I will definitely make potatoes via the "pocket method" again soon!