Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chicken Thighs and The Best Salad Ever(tm)

For tonight's dinner, I was inspired by a recipe my friend Karen (KNUTTY!) shared with me for a salad with warm caramelized onion bacon vinaigrette. Just reading the recipe made me hungry, and since I had a few slices of bacon that needed to be used up, tonight was a good night to try it.

You start by frying the bacon, of course, then you add some olive oil, a sliced onion, and some brown sugar. Continue cooking the onions on low heat until caramelized (15-20 minutes), then add some balsamic vinegar and allow to cook another few minutes.

I made big beds of greens on both plates, chopped up a bit of yellow tomato, added the crumbled bacon, then scooped the caramelized onion mixture right on top of the greens. I topped the salads with some shards of a really nice sharp raw-milk cheese from a local farm.

My intention was to make the salads the main dish, with some meat as more of a side-dish than the main focus. I baked some boneless chicken thighs (yes, that's shake'n'bake on them...DON'T JUDGE ME!) and steamed some broccoli to go with.

I have to say...the combination of sweet vinegary onions, salty bacon and sharp cheese was AWESOME. I'll definitely make this again. Thanks, Karen!