Friday, October 4, 2013

fish friday - pan-fried haddock with broccoli raab and grape tomatoes

Fish Friday in our house was born when my husband and I decided we wanted to eat more fish, and I noticed that our grocery store seemed to have the best selection of seafood on Fridays. I'm a genius, I know. It's not like Catholics have already been eating fish on Fridays for centuries or anything. Ahem.


This week, the best-looking fish at the store was haddock. I like to crust haddock or cod with seasoned almond flour (I use kosher salt, ground black pepper and a  little bit of paprika), and do a quick pan-fry on it. It takes just a couple minutes per fillet and the almond flour crisps up really nicely. I dip the fillets in a little beaten egg before dredging them, which helps keep the coating on as the fish cooks.

Pan-fried haddock. Mmm, crispy!

For a side dish, I sauteed some broccoli raab in a little bit of bacon fat and olive oil, then added a couple handfuls of grape tomatoes near the end of cooking. I always forget JUST how bitter broccoli raab is until I take the first bite, but the sweetness of the tomatoes did a good job of cutting the bitterness of the greens.